Foundation Dinners
Maywood Mission

Zene Mission Trip Man holding a young child
Pink Sunset Looking out of a Plane View
Outside view with lots of green trees, grass and blue skies
Water view with cloudy skies
Church pews
Outside of church, white
Beach picture, sand, cloudy skies
Red, yellow, blue art work
Art work with a bonsi tree and bird
Tree blowing in the wind with blue skies
Teens laying in hammocks
Group of men, women and teens sitting on benches talking
Art work hanging on a wall
Night picture of the lake
Streets of Zene
Houses in Zene
Houses in Zene distroyed by storms
Two houses destroyed by storms
Foundataion of a house started
Group of Missionaries helping build a house
Group of Missionaries posing for a picture
Missionaries cutting some wood
Group of Missionaries building
Missionaries building the roof frame
Group of Missionaries standing in front of the newly built house frame
Woman on roof
Men putting on a metal roof
Inside of the new house
Putting up walls, taking a break working on the house
Oustide left view of the new house
Outside right view of the new house
Missionaries getting into a red truck
The group of Missionaries who built the hous
The family the house was built for
The family, man, woman and young boy standing in front of their new home
Collage picture of the missionaries on the trip
Playing with a small dog
Bottle of Coca Cola with mission web address
Collage picture of the Missionaries and one of the children
Missionaries posing for a picture
Facebook web address
facebook web address to Mission Video
Playing soccer
Collage picture of allt he kids from the mission trip
Kids from a mission trip. Collage of pictures
Thank you black and white picture